Egyptian Gold Slots

Right away, the game design of Egyptian Gold is worth talking about. The reels appear to be at an angle along the face of a temple with statues of pharaohs lining each side and the four jackpot values on the left. It's appealing and draws you into the 5-reel, 243-payline game that you can play for as little as 30 cents per spin.

Fixed betting options are on all 243 paylines and go from a penny to 50 cents. On a max bet, you'll play for just $15 per spin. Once you've decided how much to wager, it's time to spin the reels.

What You Find on the Paytable

Every symbol in Egyptian Gold requires three matches before you win. They must be in adjacent rows starting from the first reel. Payouts are:

  • Club, Diamond, and Heart - 5, 15, and 40 coins
  • Spade - 10, 30, and 100 coins
  • Hieroglyphics - 10, 30, 100 coins
  • Scarab - 30, 50, and 200 coins
  • Ankh - 50,75, and 250 coins
  • Asp - 75, 100, and 300 coins
  • Cleopatra - 100, 200, and 400 coins
  • Tutankhamun - 150, 300, and 1,000 coins

The Pyramid is a wild symbol with no value of its own. It does expand the reels and increases the number of paylines. The final symbol is a Bonus Eye of Horus. If you get three of them, you trigger the Free Games Pick Bonus, one of two ways to trigger this pick 'em bonus game.

Check Out the Different Bonus Features

At the end of any spin, you might have the Scarab fly across the reels and award one of these bonus features.

  • Free Spins Pick Bonus - Win your choice of free spin options listed below.
  • Jackpot Pick Bonus - Play a matching game and win one of the four jackpots.
  • Magical Re-Spin - After a losing spin, the Scarap appears and offers a re-spin that should lead to massive payouts thanks to the Scarab's help.
  • Random Wilds - The Scarab appears and drops random wilds on the reels.
  • Wild Reel - Either the second, third, or fourth reel turns wild and adds an extra space to that reel, which increases the number of paylines to 324.

The Free Games Pick bonus gives you a choice of:

  • 5 free spins with the Super Expanding Wild guaranteed to hit the third reel and expand to the second and fourth.
  • 8 free spins with a Wild Reel on every spin.
  • 10 free spins with the Super Expanding Wild leading to a 2x multiplier, but there's no guarantee the Super Expanding Wild will appear.

If you get the Wild on the third reel during a spin, it will cover the third reel while expanding to the second and fourth reel, too. All three reels grow an extra space, bringing the total number of paylines to 576.

How Well Did We Do?

When we do a slot game review, we like to spin the reels 10 times to estimate the hit rate and see how much we win. For Egyptian Gold, our results weren't as impressive as we've experienced on other Cleopatra slots. Here are the results of our 10 spins at $3 each ($30 total).

  • 1st spin - 50 cents
  • 8th spin - 80 cents

Any slot game is based solely on luck, but a 20% hit rate wasn't impressive. We also never triggered the random bonus features in any of those 10 spins. Wilds rarely appeared on the reels.

We hope you have better luck with Egyptian Gold slots. Our advice is to play for fun and see what happens. If you have a better experience, it's graphically pleasing and enjoyable to play. We just wish we'd had better luck.